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01. The Challenge

The Solid State is a multi-award winning marketing agency founded in 2007. Their campaigns have spanned the globe. Winner of over 35 International Awards, and a nod from Al Pacino, The Solid State required a new website design which reflected their exponential creativity and their meticulous approach to their clients and their work.

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02. The Solution

We worked closely to develop The Solid State’s website. With a well organised scope, we were able to work with the executive team to produce a pixel perfect site, with a responsive design across all platforms. Every pixel had to be perfect, every poster and video had to be on point so that the user experience was not only unique, but easy to navigate.

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03. Project Specs

Content Management System
Website Development
Responsive Design
Additional Creative Design


Woot! Go Live!

Walter Bienz - DirectorThe Solid State